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Mission & Message

The MIT Educational Council creates a vital link between secondary schools, students, teachers, and the parents of prospective students. As advocates and ambassadors for MIT, Educational Counselors recruit, interview, and respond to the concerns of admissions candidates within communities across the country and abroad. Uniquely positioned to put a human face on the Institute, ECs encourage and assist students and their parents in discovering MIT's educational, social, and extracurricular opportunities.

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The Educational Council Office (EC Office) collaborates with both the Offices of Admissions and Alumni. Because the primary purpose of the MIT Educational Council is to encourage students to apply and to provide input on their potential in the form of interview reports, our efforts feed directly into the admissions process. As a result, the EC Office and Admissions work together very closely. The staff of the EC Office reports to the Director of Admissions, and the EC Director also serves as an Associate Director of Admissions. In addition, since all ECs are alumni of the Institute, the EC and Alumni offices come together to track current ECs as well as to recruit and appoint new ones.

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ECs are appointed to the MIT Educational Council by a Presidential Advisory Committee as official representatives of MIT to secondary schools and prospective students. The efforts of the individual appointees are supported by the EC Office, which keeps counselors abreast of developments and activities at the Institute (especially in the realm of Admissions and Financial Aid).

The Council itself is divided into regions whose boundaries roughly follow US and Canadian postal codes; international regions are formed by country or larger regional groupings. Within those geographic regions where there are many ECs, the local activities of the Council are usually organized by a Regional Chairperson.

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The Educational Counselors of today uphold a tradition begun in 1931 when MIT President Karl T. Compton appointed a number of outstanding graduates in major US cities and some foreign countries as Honorary Secretaries of MIT. By 1950, they were overloaded with applicant interviews, and the Institute clearly needed greater alumni involvement in public relations. The solution was the establishment of the MIT Educational Council, which took over both the interviews and the liaisons with secondary schools. Today, ECs assist the Institute in a variety of ways—as recruiters, community resources, and interviewers—helping the Office of Admissions to find the best and the brightest for each year's freshman class.

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