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Alumni can express interest in joining the Council by calling or e-mailing the Educational Council Office, filling out our online form, or speaking directly with one of our Regional Chairs (RC).

In areas with a Regional Chair, the EC Office will pass along prospective ECs' names to the RC, who has the responsibility of officially nominating the candidate to the Council, training the EC, and making appropriate school assignments. In areas without Regional Chairs, the EC Office will make the nomination to the Council, assign the schools, and provide assistance with regional coordination.


Undergraduate and graduate alumni of MIT (who know the undergraduate program well) may participate in Educational Council work. The Admissions Committee values alumni who are enthusiastic about their MIT experience and the opportunity to work with prospective students, their families, and the general public. All Educational Counselors must be able to relate to young people and should be willing to spend time keeping up with current Institute events.


Conflict of Interest Policy 

  • ECs may not interview MIT candidates the year during which their child is applying to college, regardless of whether or not their child is applying to MIT. If your child is applying to college during a given academic cycle, whether or not they are applying to MIT, you must inform your Regional Chair and the EC Office.
  • ECs should not interview a student who they know, either through personal or work connections. If you are assigned to interview a student who you know, you should ask for the student to be reassigned to a different EC. If you feel strongly about an applicant who you know personally, you are welcome to submit a letter of recommendation on their behalf. 
  • ECs who work as college counselors, either independently or for a college preparatory company, are not permitted to serve as an alumni/ae interviewers for MIT.
  • Educational Counselors may not act as interviewers for more than one undergraduate institution in the same admissions cycle.


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