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(note: filling out this form does not automatically add you to our database. Instead, it simply sends an email to the EC Office containing all the information we need to determine which area Regional Chair to connect you with.)

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MIT alumni/ae who are interested in interviewing freshman applicants to MIT and would like to join the Educational Council should complete the following form. Once this information is received by the EC Office, a confirmation will be returned to you via regular mail or email notifying you of the Regional Chair in your area. You should then contact the Regional Chair to determine whether your local region is accepting new Educational Counselors.


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Please indicate if you consider yourself to belong to any of the following minority groups


This information will be helpful for us if special programs are planned for minorities in your area and in responding to individuals who wish to speak with a minority alum. We will leave it up to you to discuss directly with your Regional Chairperson if you wish to be assigned schools with a large minority population.






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